Suction Dredge

The suction dredge (previously known as the SludgeRat) can be adapted for various rates and volumes of delivery, head pressure and distance to dewatering or transport systems or equipment.

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The Suction Dredge – Sediment Removal Systems

Our Suction Dredge range is primarily for soft sediment wastewater plants. The suction action in combination with constant movement of the unit through a pond or tank, allows for effective and efficient removal of non-compacted / soft organic sediment.

Resulting effluent is then ready for delivery to the next processing stage at the required rate. For the removal of these organic bio-solids, a single unit is best suited to impoundments typically up to 40,000 square metres in surface area and up to 3 to 4 metres in depth.

Not only is it possible to modify the Suction Dredge on request, but we can also multiply the units in order to suit an even wider range of scenarios.

Some common usage applications include:

  • Utilities and Water Treatment Plants
  • Agribusiness – Feedlots, Piggeries and Dairies
  • Abattoirs
  • Industry Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Recreational Water Bodies


  • Impoundments can remain online and operating during sediment removal
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for both management and major sediment removal projects
  • Flexible designs for difficult site conditions
  • Suitable for a majority of pond linings
  • Cost effective operations
  • Easy commissioning and decommissioning
  • Corrosive resistant materials
Tension Winch System

Remote Operation

With the utmost safety in mind, control of the unit it maintained via an Operator from a safe land based location.

Remote controlled height adjustment of the primary sediment pump and suction head enables fast and efficient blending of solids and liquids (particularly if coupled). This enables adjustable reactive pumping based on the discharge from the pump.

Performance Metrics and Pricing

A correctly operated unit will usually produce 80 to 120 m3 per hectare of sediment, up to 5% DS (Dry Solids), within a 150 to 200 metre distance on up to a 5 metre vertical head.

Sludge Extracted at Dinmore