Innovative Water Management solutions

We help you focus on core business; keep the plant operating and sending product off the conveyor.

Let us manage your Process Ponds.

UAT has the experience and multiple solutions.

Products & Services

UAT is focused on providing quality products and services to the Mining, Resources & Heavy Industry sectors.

We build and supply our IP on a long term lease and are happy to work with you on any site specific requirements.

Jetting Dredge

The Jetting Dredge (previously the SlurryRat) removed semi-compacted mineral slurries. May be deployed in hazardous environments.

Suction Dredge

Built for soft sediment wastewater plants, the Suction Dredge (previously the SludgeRat) allows for effective and efficient management of non-compacted / soft organic sediments.

Dredge Sled

For further information on the Dredge Sled please refer to our USA partners at EDDY Pump.

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Customized to meet your needs

Our team is ready to help you in creating a tailor-made solution for any problem. From providing you with engineering solutions to supplying complete conceptual designs. We can alter or modify new or existing equipment.


World Class Fabrication

UAT has 20 years of experience in design, manufacture and supply. This enables us to produce superior, effective and efficient water management solutions.


customer dedication

Dedicated to providing you with renowned product superiority. We will go the extra mile to help meet your needs.


environmentally friendly

Being a specialist in water means that we can assist you in a variety of ways, such as recovering valuable resources. UAT can provide a wealth of information as a result of years of experience. We will help you with hitting your environmental and sustainability targets.

What we Offer

  • Long term and cost effective solutions
  • Minimal downtime for your operations
  • We can help you to meet your environmental and sustainability targets
  • Our products can be operated in a range of hazardous environments
  • Designed with the safety of personnel at the forefront of our process
  • All systems are purpose built and made to last
  • Robust and corrosion resistant materials
  • Easy installation, setup and operation
  • Many products can be remotely controlled or automated




Maintaining water quality means highly efficient operating conditions. Thus, having a reliable and clean water source will result in lower running costs and prevent negative environmental incidents. From slimes management to mineral recovery and process water management, we have worked with it all. 


Resource Recovery

The importance of resource recovery should not be understated. From recycling to recovering valuable minerals, this process often returns far more than the cost of implementation. Platinum, gold, copper, zinc and lead recovery are just a few materials we have recovered.


Heavy Industry

Preventing contamination and the escape of toxic effluents from mineral processing and refineries, into our waterways and oceans is undoubtedly crucial.  We have worked on many projects, in particular, final process ponds managing byproduct concentrates prior to ocean outfall and discharge points.


Oil & Gas

Contaminated water is a natural byproduct of oil & gas. In general, managing heavy brines during drilling and extraction of gas or settling ponds at an oil refinery demand extremely high levels of compliance and safety. Our products have been successfully supplied and utilized in these industries.

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