Modular Trailing Dredge

Multi-head sediment removal for gentle and continuous operations.

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The Modular Trailing Dredge

Highly Customisable Sediment Removal

The Modular Trailing Dredge can be expanded independently, as required, offering an efficient sediment solution that is easily removable and suitable for ponds and other man made empoundments.


  • Gentle, continuous sediment removal
  • Options for Floats (onboard pumps) or no Floats (shore based pumps)
  • Permanent or removable solutions
  • Skids are safe & suitable for a range of pond liners
  • Fully modular
  • Can be combined with our pond traversing winch systems
Sludge Harvester with Onboard pump
Sludge Harvester Winching
Installing the Sludge Harvester
Operating Sludge Harvester
Moving the Sludge Harvester
Custom Multi-Head Sludge Harvester
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