Highly Saline Gold Mine Process Pond

  • Industry: Mining
  • Product: Jetting Dredge
  • Location: Western Australia

Project Brief

The return process pumps began to pick up sediments due to the pond being over full with sediment.

The return pumps were able to have their support pontoon pulled to the side and the Jetting Dredge began to remove sediment from the immediate vicinity of the pump zone so the mill could urgently receive clean water again.

The Jetting Dredge delivered slurry to the Warman booster mounted on the pond bank which then boosted the system 35 metres vertically to discharge at the tailings dam. The entire system was powered by generators due to no pond side power availability.

The photos show where the sediment has been cleared due to differentiation in colour looking through the water from the tailings dam.

Jetting Dredge on the saline pond at a gold mine
Gold Mine Process Pond Sediment Removal

Left: Sediment removed is shown via the lighter colour in the water. Yellow Warman booster delivering slurry 35m vertical head to tailings disposal.

Below: Dredging a hyper saline process pond with our Jetting Dredge.

Hyper Saline Process Pond
Slurry Removal