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The SlurryRat® is designed for mining and abrasive industries, quarries, sand & aggregate plants. The combination of suction / agitation with constant movement of the unit through a pond or structure allows effective and efficient removal of slurry, and delivery to the next processing stage at the required rate.

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General Product Information

Slurry can come in enormous varieties of particle size, aggregation, distribution, cohesiveness, flow characteristics, sedimentation rates and specific gravity. SlurryRats® are generally sized to meet the clients’ requirements. Typical suction water agitation dredging usually achieves 15-20% solids for SG’s up to 3.0. Flows from 20 to 100 tonne hour can be achieved.

  Dimensions (Assembled)

Width 3800 mm
Height (main structure) 1700 mm
Length 3000 mm
Shipping weight (container) ~ 4800 kg

Diagram - SlurryRat