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Designed to remove a range of sludge particulates from ponds, tanks and waterways.

The SludgeRat® can be adapted for various rates / volumes of delivery, head pressure and distance to de-watering or transport systems / equipment..




•   Utilities & Treatment Plant Waste Water Ponds
•   Agriculture Feedlots, Piggeries, Abattoirs & Dairies
•   Industry Pulp & Paper mills, Starch Factories
•   Recreational – Natural Water Bodies & Water Parks

The SludgeRat® is designed around the philosophy that bodies of water (ponds, lagoons, dams and canals) should be maintained to maximise their operational efficiency.

Sludge levels should be regularly managed as excessive sludge results in overloading and poor pond performance.

The capital, operational and maintenance costs are very competitive compared to traditional methods for sludge removal from ponds and lagoons.

Whether it is short term pond clean-ups or ongoing pond management projects...UAT have the solution.

Customer Benefits

•   Fully containerised portable system
•   Ponds can remain on-line
•   Quiet and environmentally friendly
•   Suitable for scheduled management & major sludge removal projects
•   Flexible design for difficult site conditions
•   Suitable for most pond linings
•   Cost effective operation & installation