Blue Green Algae Control

  • Industry: Recreational Ponds
  • Product: Air Lift Dredge
  • Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Project Brief

As part of the Rosser Park pond improvement project with the Gold Coast City Council, we undertook the process of sludge management and removal and blue-green algae control.

We faced some challenges in the early stages with regards to positioning and operation of the rope winch, pond bottom profiling along with a steep sloping bottom (making tracking difficult) as well as there being various unknown submerged hazards on the pond floor.

Air Lift Dredge moving across the pond
Blue Green Algae at Rosser Park Pond

Pond Specifics

  • pH 6.0 – 7.0 sediment
  • pH 6.2 – 9.5 water
  • Av Depth 104 mm at 7.0% ww
  • Total P 2.58 mg/L average
  • Total N 11.46 mg/L average


Our 12 month contract was successful in not only removing the sludge with minimal impact on the surrounds, but also in removing the blue-green algae. The algae has not returned since.

Project requirements

  • Gently remove sludge with little impact on water quality
  • Easy operations
  • Semi unmanned
  • Minimum pond floor disturbance
  • Quiet (we even had birds riding on the Air Lift Dredge while in operation)
  • Acceptable equipment presence and aesthetics
  • Safe for the public
  • No odour
  • Flood management
  • No polymer dosing of sediment or sludge
  • Onsite disposal – reuse of sludge and sediments