Floating Baffles

Floating baffles, flow deflectors, detention systems, ocean outfall control, sedimentation control and TSS/BOD management.

Floating Baffles For Water Circulation, Aeration & Sediment Control

Our high strength baffle systems provide a high strength, long term, low cost aeration and water circulation system.

Functioning on zero oil or electricity means there is absolutely no chance of water contamination. This also equates to no need for any moving parts, resulting in reduced operational costs.

Made of a robust 100% Polyethylene construction with four separate components:

  • Quad chambered ballast float
  • Lift frame
  • Panel adjuster strut
  • Air deflector panel

Having the separate modules consequently enables you to adjust the depth of columns and enables you to attach a variety of diffusers while increasing air-water contact time.

Additionally, a flexible solid wall skirting allows you to provide increased depth reach. At the same time, the skirting also acts as a barrier to assist in the deflection, settling and retaining of solids.

All of our configurations are modular and extremely expandable.

Our floating water baffle options are an ideal solution for many operations. From providing water circulation and directional current, sediment control and algae management through to water aeration, mixing and destratification. UAT’s Floating Baffles will improve sedimentation and increase detention times.

Key features of our baffle systems:

  • Extremely modular
  • Robust 100% Polyethylene
  • Long life span
  • Corrosion proof – can be 100% non metal if required
  • Zero oil in water
  • No moving parts
  • No electricity in water
  • Endless configurations
  • Scalable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Ability for multiple attachments and ease of servicing while online

What is it for?

Designed for industrial sites, mining sites, municipal wastewater, abattoirs, piggeries, dairies, fish and shrimp ponds with an expandable configuration.

  • Aerates and mixes water
  • De-stratifys
  • Produces directional currents
  • Improves sedimentation
  • Increases detention times