Dredging & Solids Management

We are not your normal dredging solutions provider. Our products work in highly specialised applications – we build & supply long lease solutions customised to your environment and site specific needs.

New technologies to support stressless dredging available.

UAT’s Dredging & Solids MANAGEMENT Product Range – Sediment & Maintenance

UAT builds and supplies a range of products for specialised dredging and solids management projects. We only provide long term rental units customised to suit a clients need and are happy to work with you to customise our range (when required) in order to ensure our product matches your specific application requirements.


The Jetting Dredge is designed for mining and abrasive industries, quarries, sand & aggregate plants. By combining suction and agitation alongside constant movement of the unit (through a pond or tank) results in effective and efficient management of semi-compacted mineral slurries. This then allows for easy delivery to the next processing stage at your required rate.

The Suction Dredge has been designed with soft sediment wastewater plants in mind. Combining the suction action with constant movement of the unit (through a pond or tank) leads to effective and efficient management of non-compacted/soft organic sediments. Delivery to the next processing stage at the required rate then takes place.


Suction (Vortex) Dredge

Our Suction Dredge consists of a galvanized steel frame along with polyethylene floatation modules. These components allow it to stand up to the harshest of environments while being extremely simple to maintain.

The kit consists of the following components:

  • Auto reversing limit stops
  • Depth indicators
  • Hauling winch
  • Rope tensioning winch
  • Automation options available


Multiple configuration options are available. Contact us for a tailored solution.

Suction Dredge Isometric View

The Suction Dredge