Dredging & Solids Removal

We are not your normal dredging solutions provider. Our products work in highly specialised applications.


Our exciting new solids removal units will be replacing our standard dredging range.

UAT’s Dredging & Solids Removal Product Range – Sludge, Slurry & Maintenance

UAT builds and supplies a range of products for specialised dredging and solids removal projects. We only provide long term rental units customised to suit a clients need and are happy to work with you to customise our range (when required) in order to ensure our product matches your specific application requirements.


The Jetting Dredge is designed for mining and abrasive industries, quarries, sand & aggregate plants. By combining suction and agitation alongside constant movement of the unit (through a pond or tank) results in effective and efficient removal of semi-compacted mineral slurries. This then allows for easy delivery to the next processing stage at your required rate.

The Suction Dredge has been designed with soft sludge wastewater plants in mind. Combining the suction action with constant movement of the unit (through a pond or tank) leads to effective and efficient removal of non-compacted/soft organic sludges. Delivery to the next processing stage at the required rate then takes place.

The Air Lift Dredge is excellent for ongoing pond maintenance, especially in sensitive environments. These highly specialised dredging units are designed for gentle batch removal of solids. This process involves lifting sludge, with minimal disturbance, from the bottom via use of air bubbles (air lift). The resulting influent then settles in a floating concentrator tank. After having settled, the resulting effluent is then ready to be pumped to a downstream process either manually or automatically.


Suction (Vortex) Dredge

Our Suction Dredge consists of a galvanized steel frame along with polyethylene floatation modules. These components allow it to stand up to the harshest of environments while being extremely simple to maintain.

The kit consists of the following components:

  • Auto reversing limit stops
  • Depth indicators
  • Hauling winch
  • Rope tensioning winch
  • Automation options available


Multiple configuration options are available. Contact us for a tailored solution.

The Suction Dredge



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Contaminants of major concern
  • Raw sewage
  • Nutrients
    • Phosphorus and nitrogen and associated compounds (such as ammonia)
    • Suspended Solids
    • BOD and COD reduction
  • Heavy metals (such as iron, magnesium, lead, zinc, mercury)
Steps in the Dredging Process
The full dredging process usually consists of these steps as a minimum

  • Removal of sediments from the impoundment*
  • Dewater the pumped sediments
  • Treatment of solids and liquid effluent
  • Transportation of dewatered sediments
  • Disposal

*See our product range to help deal with this

Important Considerations When Planning For Solids Removal

A site sample should be taken first in order to determine the location and depth of sediment to be removed.
The equipment used and, critically, the ratings of pumps should be matched to the process requirements based on depth of material and distance to the discharge. This means the method employed will be dependent on these factors.
It is important that any fluctuations in water levels will only be minor and steady throughout the process.

How To Determine Discharge Flow Rates

Discharge flow rates will depend upon a few variable factors such as the static pump head, solids percentage, hose lengths, type and diameters.

An expected range of 50 – 100 m3/hr, up to 150 metres, is likely when using the recommended discharge hose length supplied with our systems. If needing alternate hose lengths please get in touch with us.

What are the power requirements?

A 415 volt winch is included, along with a 50 amp, 50 metre 4-pin subcable extension lead for connecting your power source. An additional 50 metre, 12 volt winch extension cable and hand controller is included.