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Geobags are perfect for the safe and easy dewatering of mineral sediments from process ponds, dams, tanks and lagoons.

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General Product Information

Slurry and sludge can come in enormous varieties of particle size, aggregation, distribution, cohesiveness, flow characteristics, sedimentation rates and specific gravity. The geotextile dewatering bags are a cost effective method for allowing solids to dewater over time. If you have storage space and time, this is the product for you. Geobags are ideal in remote locations or for smaller volumes where expensive mechanical dewatering technologies are budget prohibitive. Simple to use and operate, the Geobags are an excellent alternate.

*  High Strength Woven PolyProplyene
*  Achieves high dry solids content
*  Quiet and environmentally friendly
*  High level odour control
*  Contains sludge / slurry for storage
*  Suitable for scheduled maintenance
*  Flexible designs for difficult site conditions
*  Suitable for most sludges / slurries
*  Cost effective operation & installation