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The AirRat® is excellent for ongoing and continual pond maintenance, especially in sensitive environments.

They are designed for gentle batch removal of solids. Sludge is lifted with minimal disturbance from the bottom and settled in a floating concentrator tank. It is then pumped to a specific dewatering system on site.


General Product Information

Slurry can come in enormous varieties of particle size, aggregation, distribution, cohesiveness, flow characteristics, sedimentation rates and specific gravity. AirRats® are generally sized to meet the clients’ requirements. Typical airlift suction water agitation dredging usually achieves 15 - 40% resettled solids for SG’s up to 3.0.

Automatic controlled height adjustment of the suction dredge head assembly. Compressed air delivered to the suction head assembly produces airlift action. Sediment is deposited into the floating gravity settlement tank. Collected solids are then pumped to the pond bank as required. High pressure water agitation-suction combination for blending of solids and liquid is available as an optional extra.

Dimensions (Assembled)

Weight (including pump) 900 kg
Width 2500 mm
Height (main structure not extended) 1400 mm
Length (overall and extended) 4000 mm
Shipping weight (container) 3800 kg